20th Anniversary Group Photo

20th Anniversary Group Photo taken in September 2016 at Lake Tobias Tailgate Event — Photo courtesy of Earl Stoddard

Summer Meeting with Barb and Kerry Teats— July 22nd

We had our Summer meeting and picnic this year at the home of Kerry and Barb Teats. Beautiful landscaping and a cool mountain breeze greeted us. Kerry's excellent Barbecue and Barb's sauerkraut and pork complemented the many homemade side dishes shared by everyone. It was a warm day of fellowship for all.

Photos by Ken Eastep



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Thanks to our Treasurer, Barb Teats, we now have a Forum link here where folks can interact with each other. You do not need to be a member of our club to join the Forum. Share information about yourself, ask questions and share stories or photos of your birds. Get on over to the Forum and check it out. Click the button above to visit now.

Fall Tailgate at Lake Tobias, in Halifax, PA — September 24th

Quite a turnout on yet another great tailgating event in Halifax. Thank you Roseann Woodward for capturing the day's events with these great photos.....

Photos by Roseann Woodward

Summer Meeting was at Don and Roseann Woodward's Place in Honey Grove, PA

Beautiful weather and a great turnout at Don and Roseann's pond in Honey Grove for our summer meeting was what we all enjoyed on July 16th. The Woodward's graciously hosted one of the club's highlights of the year with a Pig Roast for everyone that ventured out. There was a well attended club meeting and auction, then we toured their bird sanctuary up at the house via tractor-driven hay wagon. The following photos are a testament to the fun had by all....

Photos at Donnie and Roseann Woodward's place by Ken Eastep

The photos above are by Roseann Woodward
Our tailgate meeting and sale at Lake Tobias this past September 26th, 2015 in Halifax, PA was a great turnout, glad to see those who attended
Thanks Roseann!!

Photos by Ken Eastep above are from the 2014 Tobias tailgate

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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Avicultural Society Web Site. We are an independent, non-profit organization founded in 1996 for the purpose of mutual support of those interested in the keeping and breeding of all types of birds - other than domesticated varieties.

Our club meets several times throughout the year to engage in club activities. There are optional quarterly meetings for the purpose of voting on club business, as well as two great tailgate events in the Spring and Fall to buy and sell birds and other avicultural items of interest.

Statement of Purpose

  1. To strive for the protection, conservation and propagation of all pheasants, waterfowl, doves, ratites, pigeons, cage birds, etc.
  2. To distribute information that would be helpful and of interest to breeders of all birds whether ornamental, game or endangered.
  3. To sponsor an annual "tailgate" each year for the members and public.
  4. To provide a forum for all members to share their knowledge with each other.
  5. To distribute to members information on legislative matters that affects all aviculturists.